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EU Law is often regarded an inaccessible subject. This may well be true. It is a body of international law with its own legal system, complete with unique terminology and acronyms.


The easiest way to gain an understanding of it, is to see how it works in action.


Although this cannot provide a full explanation of all the rules and exceptions, there are many good sources to find these, in order to gain a deeper understanding.


The object of the Students Guide to EU Law in Action is to provide an accessible coverage of current affairs involving EU Law.


This coverage includes legal news about EU citizens rights, the institutions of the Union and the relations with national governments. The Guide covers case law of the Union's courts when decisions are made and if there is some review of this case law. When independent reports are published they are also included, so as to further explain the subject.


Please feel free to go over the archived content in the Guide : there is some very interesting material in there. You can easily share this information through the Guide's interface.

Proposed flag of the EU by Rem Koolhaas

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